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December 17, 2005


Dick Richards

After publishing this guest post I received an e-mail from Margaret Mercer who shed some light on the question of forgetting. Margaret wrote:

"Your book is interesting and resonates with me. Pursuit of genius is a rich topic and thank you for providing such a practical method for this self realization.
There is one point I would like to respond to however. On page 48/49 you discuss Plato and the River of Forgetting. You state that, "Neither Plato, Buddhist legend, nor Jewish tradition tells us the purpose of this forgetting." I have read elsewhere something on that subject that I find does answer the reason for the forgetting: we forget because that's the only way we could be born and live the lives we've chosen. If we remembered, we would avoid the problems, not follow the paths of trouble, etc. that we have selected before our birth. The point being that you choose your life and then you forget your life so you can live it without avoiding the lessons you need to experience in order to learn."

Thanks Margaret!

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