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August 31, 2006



I don't cure or prevent my crankiness. I embrace it like a precious friend who is bringing me a gift: A gift of power and a gift of insight.

In a way, that's what you just experienced too, isn't it? :-)

I'm glad you're blogging again! :-)


Phil Gerbyshak

Welcome back to the blogosphere Deb. We are in this together, so whenever I feel cranky, I find a friend and ask for help. You have many friends, and we are here f or you, whatever you need, just let us know.

Verna Wilder

Hi Debbie,
I found you through Easton Ellsworth's post about blogtipping.

I have a persona I refer to as my Cranky Bitch. I kinda like her, but more so since I quit working in a Cube, where she was pretty outspoken. I discovered that my Cranky Bitch helps me see when I need to make some big change--like quitting my Cube job. When she is more present than my usual easy self, I know there's something important I'm missing and had better pay attention to.

I'm glad you find a way through the crabbiness by blogging. I do that, too. I'm a writer, and if I'm not writing--blog posts or journal or fiction or letters to friends--I'm not happy. I stomp around being a Cranky Bitch for awhile, which my cats just ignore, and then I pick up my pen or open my laptop and peace is usually restored.

Thanks for addressing this topic. For another view, visit Ronni Bennett's blog at and take a look at her post today (Sept 2).

Happy blogging to you!

Deb Call

Fellow "cranky" comrades-in-arms - Verna, Phil, and Halina - thanks for your insights, support, and the reminder that behind even crankiness lies a gift. The learning keeps on happening!


i hate the feeling of crankiness. there's no reason for it in my case. it just creeps up and spills out all over...i hate the way i'm intolerant at certain times, short-tempered. people i usually enjoy drive me nuts for no reason!! i am aware of my cranky edge...and make efforts to control it...but sometimes, i am just not a nice person...not on purpose - just not able to control my cranky mood!!


Deb Call

Nikey, you're right, crankiness is no fun. What I've learned over the years is that strong feelings on my part are "messengers of information," in the same way that physical pain alerts us to tend to our bodies. I can't tell you what your crankiness means, but what has helped me is to "back into" the crankiness, kind of like playing detective to determine what I was doing beforehand that may trigger the crankiness. And sometimes I need to go a bit deeper to determine the real trigger. By increasing your level of self-awareness, you'll gain insight into the factors that make your crankiness just "creep up" on you, and then you can do something about it. If you're still having trouble, ask someone you trust for their insights about your moods. Take care!

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