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January 01, 2007


Barbara Sliter

I loved the strength of Spirit and willingness to go for what you want and even the need to be seen that you describe here.
Perhaps because I am standing on my own precipice in life I ponder the fine line between wanting to go back “visiting past haunts” and learning to listen for what is next. My husband is very good at knowing when it is time to let go (a page turner he calls it), I am not so sure about myself. I wonder if I can tell when I am stuck in recreating what I was (known and familiar) vs. moving forward to what I could be?
Thanks again for a thought provoking piece.

Deb Call

Barbara - You raise a provocative question - "I wonder if I can tell when I am stuck in recreating what I was (known and familiar) vs. moving forward to what I could be?"

I ask you - Does it have to be either/or?

I can't help but go back to what Rocky said about saying "I am." The real source of that statement comes from the heart, not the head. When I find for myself that analyzing doesn't work, I sometimes close my eyes, and put my hand over my heart, take a deep breath, and feel what comes through.

Thanks for opening up a dialogue so we can all learn!


Hey Deb! Great piece! Your question, "Where in my life do I need/want to say I am?" is going up on my mirror! Where do I want to say "I am" in my life?! Thanks for writing from your beautiful heart!

Barbara Sliter

It's funny Deb, I can read the words "I am" as being connected to the Spiritual source which means being very much in the now or in your heart, or I can read it as a dysfuncitonal four, hearing him shouting "I AM!!!!" i.e. trying to prove himself worthwhile to the world who only sees him as old. [Realize I didn't see the movie so it is not about him at all at this point.]

In reading your response I think if it is about either/or than we probably are in our heads. The heart is only now. But sometimes the now seems like such a fragile, tiny space between the draw of the past and the fear of the future that it's heard to stay there long enough to hear anything. Of course what choice do we have if we want to stay true to oursleves . The heart it is then....

Deb Call

Barbara, in reading your comment about the "fragile space" between the past and the present, the image of dance comes to mind, the sense of fluid motion. Only our mind thinks everything is cut and dried. Maybe it's more like flitting to the future, and running back to the heart to check in. I expect there's a lot of this "back and forth" stuff during times of change/potential change. I do appreciate your reflection on this, Barbara.

Terri, I'd love to know what you discover when you ask yourself where in your life you want to say "I am." This is getting curious-er and curious-er!

Phil Gerbyshak

Powerful article Deb. I'll be thinking on this one for a while. Thanks for the brain candy!

Deb Call

Phil, it's always intriguing to wrestle with those questions that make us pause. May we all discover what lies beyond the pause!

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Deirdre G

Deb Call

Deirdre - thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your feedback and words of encouragement!

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