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May 19, 2007


Herman Najoli

Greetings Debbie. I just read your comment to my post at 100 Bloggers. I appreciate your compliments. Many times we are driven because we think certain tasks are urgent. We need to be drivers of the process. Slowness enables us to focus on first things first. We waste too much energy getting things 'out-of-the-way'. By embracing our inner snail, we are able to prioritize and live smartly. Have a pleasantly slow weekend. (I clapped my hands when I read that you and your husband had escaped to a Victorian Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, NC. I'm sure you had a great time of slowness!). Enjoy this weekend!

Deb Call

We did have a wonderful time of "slowness" Herman! For those of you who would like to read Herman's post at 100 bloggers, here is the link:

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