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September 23, 2007


Phil Gerbyshak

Wow Deb, quite an inspiring story and a reminder for all of us. No doubt you'll cherish each moment left, as there still seems to be at least a few of those remaining. There's such energy and joy in this picture, and a reminder for me, to not take any second for granted.

Thank you for sharing this deeply moving story with us. I feel grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and your mom. Please give her a big hug from me, and let her know that though she doesn't blog, her ripple is felt throughout the blogosphere.

Rick Cockrum

Your mother has the most beautiful eyes, Deb. I can see her in them.

Maybe this is why my wife has been playing Walking in the Air this week.

Deb Call

Phil, thanks for the supportive words and for your hug - I'll be sure to pass it along. That picture was taken 4 weeks ago - the energy and joy are real.

Rick - How neat that you can sense my mother from looking at her eyes, yet you have not met her. Thanks for the link to the song your wife has been playing. I've had a chance to listen to it will have to locate a copy of the lyrics.

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