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September 30, 2007


Phil Gerbyshak

So glad to have you back Deb. Your energy and smile were missed.

Especially great that you're able to cut yourself some slack. That's a tough one for me too. Any tips on how you did it? I'd love to read a whole post about that.

Rick Cockrum

Maybe the chocolate's involved, Phil. :)

Learning to ask for what we need can be so hard. I'm still working on it.

Are you still doing the gibberish meditation, Deb?

Deb Call

Phil, thanks for the suggestion on the post topic. I'll see what I can do.

Rick, you may be onto something with the chocolate! You asked about the gibberish meditation. Yes, I'm doing it prn at this point. It helps! It's kind of like "de-fragging" my system.

Rick Cockrum

De-fragging. That's an interesting way to look at it. I was asking because I've never thought of gibberish as meditation before you first mentioned it, but it's something I've done for a while for no good reason other than it felt good. You seem to have come across it at an opportune time.

Deb Call

It's amazing that several people have told me they do the gibberish meditation too. De-fragging may not be the best word. When I started doing it early in August, I too just felt better, more grounded, and peaceful. And yes, it is very synchronistic that I learned this at this time.

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