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December 16, 2007


Deb Estep ~ Proud Air Force Mom - Proud Air Force Mother in Law

There are good things indeed Deb, thanks for sharing. :)

Air Force Chief Master Sgt John Gebhardt is pictured holding
the little girl. This was taken back in October of 2006 while
Gebhardt was serving at Balad Air Force Base in Iraq.
You will also hear this base referred to as Camp Anaconda.
There are joint branches of our military stationed at this base.
Balad has the largest military area in all of Iraq.

I recall seeing this picture last year. My airmen Vincent
was stationed at Balad in late 2003.

Speaking of making a difference. When my then 19 year old
son was in Iraq, he had volunteered for a mission that was out
of his field. He's in computers and networking, but did a
guard detail while in Iraq. He guarded Iraqis that came on
the base to work for the US Government.

The following is from a letter he sent home....
Work has been going good lately. I have started doing something different then just watching the Iraqis fill sandbags. There is a group of 5 people that I'm with and we ride around all day and go to one of the gates on base and escort Iraqis that have contracts to do work where ever they need to go on base. I like doing it a lot better then just sitting there all day watching them fill sandbags.

I get to interact with a lot more people too. I enjoy talking with the Iraqis for the most part because all the ones that come on base are there to help us and they like the fact that we are here. there are always gonna be some people that don't like us, but from what all of the locals have told me over time mostly everyone is very happy that we are here. I wish I could describe the feeling i get everyday that i put on my uniform and go to work. to know that you are away from your family and friends and all the people you love for 4 months is a small price to pay for what we are giving the people of this country. we are giving them FREEDOM.... that will last as long as our nation stands. I can see it in their eyes everytime I look at them!!!!! if you could only see their faces when I see locals that I know and talk to a lot. there is one in particular that everytime he sees me he gets so excited. he says "Vinny, Vinny... how are you? I am friend... and he tells all the others that he knows that we are friends and he is so happy, and I consider him a friend as well. "

Here is picture of my son Vince and his Air Force wife Dana.

Deb Call

Deb, thanks for updating us on the origin of the picture. It was also inspiring to read the words of your son, "Vinnie." The picture of Vincent and his wife represent the faces of our future!

By the way, the air force holds a special place in our family too . . . my uncle was a colonel in that branch, flying missions in that other war - Viet Nam.


People should read this.

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