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February 12, 2008


Andrea Hess | Empowered Soul

Wow, Deb - what beautiful stories. What I particularly appreciated is that you illustrated beautifully that we have to be present to the moment - to the alarm bells, to the signs of comfort, and everything in between. It's subtle, but totally tangible when we're actually paying attention. And the more we pay attention, the more obvious the signs get.

What a beautiful gift that card was. Like a little miracle - just what you need when you needed it. The Universe does tend to overdeliver!



This post is beautiful and touching. I'm inspired through your I, too, am practicing working more efficiently with my spirit guides. Thank you for sharing!

Deb Estep

Ohhhhhhhh Deb

What an AMAZING and beautiful message !!

Thanks for scanning the card, seeing it just
brought me good chills. I started to say chills,
but I absolutely wanted you to know they were the GOOD ones. ;)

Deb Estep

Deb Call

Andrea, Vanilla Marie, and Deb - thanks for sharing your reactions related to the story about the card. It is such a powerful reminder to me of the breadth of miracles that lay within our reach if we but ask, and then "see."

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