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March 21, 2008


Frank Butterfield

Deb --

Reading your blog is changing my life one post at a time.

"He got out of his way."

Every really wonderful thing I've ever experienced came after I did one of two things, spoke from that inner place of clarity or gave up completely. Either one required getting out of my own way and allowing, deeply.



Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

My six words are "Victim, survivor, thriver are only labels."

Deb Call

Frank - you distilled what we all need to do to lead exceptional lives - "allow" and get out of our way. Thanks for stopping by!

Patricia - Sounds like you figured out you're a whole lot more than the old labels you've lived through. Can't wait to hear about the sequel!

Andrea|Empowered Soul

Hi Debbie,

Great exercise - here's mine: Change is inevitable, so create it!



I love this though I wonder if I can really condense my life to six words. I've had to think a bit about mine, but here it is:

"Searching for love, Finding it, Living it

Ask me next month and I might have a different answer. This is quite an enlightening exercise. Thanks for sharing.

:) Kelly

Slade | Shift Your Spirits

Killer exercise, Debbie, I love it!

My mind is whirling with various strings, but here's the one I already have on hand that doesn't require any editing:

"You are God -- act like it."

Deb Call

Andrea, Kelly, and Slade - wow - thanks for sharing your 6-word "memoirs." It's amazing isn't it? Kelly - I can relate to your comment about having a different answer at a different time (when I'm mindless, my memoir would be "Worried too much, played too little.")

Andrea - Your memoir reminds us to be pro-active, and Slade - your memoir goes to the heart of it all - we are all Divine!

Pat R

Thank you for this exercise. Puts our lives in perspective.

I would say:
Breathe in-out - Living in Now.

I agree with Andrea as this exercise is ongoing and changes as we do.

Deb Call

Pat - breathing in and out really does pull us back into the present. Simple, but often overlooked!

Joe Iron

Here's mine.

Black Rock City resident and Dragonslayer.

I've been to burningman and drove Rail of the Dragon.

Deb Call

Wow Joe - would love to know more about your dragon-slaying!

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