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April 14, 2008


Deb Estep

Ohhhhhhhhh Deb, I don't know that I would say
"the Universe had the last laugh".

How about the Universe gave you a ~ nudge. ;)

And what better way than from Phil-MAKE IT GREAT-Gerbyshak !!!

The timing was beautiful.

Thank you both for sharing.

Tuck, The Rebel Belle

Thanks Debbie. I loved your rant the other day. In fact, it got my juices flowing. I joined you over at The Rebel Belle Blog to ponder the question.

In the meantime, here ya go again! You and Phil have stimulated my thinking,yet again. I'm off to ponder.....



Great stuff man as usual!! Phil always brings value and he's done it yet again.

I don't feel horrible that I only have 100 friends on Myspace. I don't just connect to build a huge "muscle" to flex either like Phil mentions.

Great info Phil that allows me to know I'm on the right track with my facebook and linkedin as well.

By the way Debbie, fantastic blog!

Deb Call

Hey, Deb E., it doesn't feel like the Universe gave me a nudge, more like a shove! But I am always willing to change my mind with new info!

Thanks Tuck, Miss Rebel Belle - I enjoyed the post you wrote in response to mine -

Tony - appreciate your dropping by. Phil does indeed bring great value. Thanks for the kudos on my blog too!

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