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May 07, 2008


Terri Stark

Hip Hip Hooray! I love who you are Debbie Call! Congratulations on the dot-to-dot connection AND most importantly - sharing it with us!

Deb Call

Terri, thank you for your unabashed enthusiasm. I need to bottle your energy and take it prn!

Suzanne Telintelo

Deb I love reading your personal stories. I am in awe of your ability to keep it fun and entertaining while sharing valuable lessons.

Deb Call

Sue, I appreciate your positive reinforcement! There's a difference in my writing when I trust my Higher Self/Higher Guidance. What may be obvious isn't always easy.

law of attraction friends

There are times that I clamber with wrapping my head around topics like this, but you assisted me a lot.

Thank you for summing it up well.

Deb Call

I'm glad that my story gave you more clarity and understanding around the topic of higher guidance. I still have a tendency to think such guidance is less accessible. The opposite is actually true.

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