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January 11, 2009


Phil Gerbyshak

Debbie - I use Windows Live Writer instead of logging into TypePad because it allows me to much easier manipulate photos and write stubs when I'm not connected to the Internet (download at

I schedule my time almost all on Sunday afternoon, and I start by thinking about the 5 topics I may want to write about for the week. I always set the goal of 5 articles. I think about 5 different yet related topics, and it's always starts with a stub. (A stub is a line or 3 that I can build off of.) Then I go to Flickr and search for a picture that fits the article. I get to writing. I set my mind on completing 1 article.

Once I get number 1 done, I move to the next stub. If I get stuck and can't write a full article, I'll keep the stub (saved in Windows Live Writer locally on my computer) and move on to the next topic.

A little reward after each article of a fresh cup of coffee/tea, or a piece of fruit, or I go off and surf for more ideas (like I'm doing now).

And on it goes.

Love the headline of this article by the way :)


Phil, I can always count on you to give me the latest in blogging technology! I'll probably email you later about the software you mention in your comment. Thanks for sharing the system you use, and how you make it manageable to write several posts by building in rewards.

Dick Richards

Well...THAT headline got my attention! When I have been book writing, I did schedule time. And allowed no interruptions. Amazing discipline for me. Once, a friend came to the front door during my "writing time" and I didn't answer his knock. Many times I refused to pick up a phone call. Come to think of it...I don't do those things during sex either.

Andrea|Empowered Soul

First of all, GREAT post title.

Secondly - you're so right. I'm not particularly good at scheduling my writing for one specific day - my schedule changes like the wind, and I like it that way. On the other hand, I've been so busy with clients, a website make-over, and a brand new site launch lately that my poor blog has been somewhat neglected. And it has been nagging at me.

Having said that, writing is like sex in one other way. If we feel we HAVE to and there's all this pressure to write, well, then it does "twist us up" and takes all the joy out of the very idea of writing. And, like sex, sometimes the joy comes back when we just DO IT already. :-)



Dick - I commend you on maintaining focus - both during your book writing and . . . well, the other thing! I could also create a stick to it schedule when I wrote my book 6 years ago - it's the blogging that provides more challenge for me.

Andrea - You sound like me - I like variety in what I do professionally, yet the guilt comes quickly if I don't keep all the balls in the air. It's simply a racket that I believe women are more susceptible to - both the guilt and juggling. We gotta just remember the words to the song "Girls just want to have fun!"

Barbara Sliter

Well I've learned something from all of you. I am now clear I have no discipline regarding my writing. To prove the point I was going to write this morning and here I am answering email and responding to blogs. Ah well....

I suspect I need to revisit how much I really want to finish this writing project on Creatorship.


Glad to help out Debbie. If you ever have questions, I'm always just an e-mail or phone call away.

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