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January 01, 2009



Wow Deb, powerful words! So good to have you recognize you need to slow down...and that you're committed to working it more slowly in 2009.

Sounds like your job is a lot like mine. I spend all day reacting, and driving forward, as fast as I can. I make hundreds of decisions every day, and by the end, I am exhausted.

I'm going to work to savor life a little more too.

Awesome reminders! So glad I could give you what you needed when you needed it. Keep BEING great! To our success!

Barbara Sliter

Hi Debbie, Great to hear from you. I like the idea of "words for 2009." I did my usual New Year's Day reflection and looking ahead with my husband. At the end as I sat with it all, two words came: appreciation and allowing. I know that appreciating what I have is something I will focus on this year, especially with all the turmoil around these days. And allowing? I have the sense it is about allowing increase but, well I think I'll know more about this one next year. Best to you.


Phil - I appreciate your sharing that your job is similiar to mine in terms of the fast, reactionary pace. It makes me feel a little less crazy to know I'm not alone.

Barbara, I'm looking forward to hearing how the "allowing" plays out in your life this year.

To all of us - may we move forward with intention and joy!


Hey Deb

What a wonderful AND inspiring post.

I wrote a blog today around my word....

~*~ Gratitude ~*~

Your words... ease and savor.. Hmmm both delicious.

Deb Estep

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