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February 07, 2009


Andrea|Empowered Soul

I love this ... it IS a very fine negotiation between creating what we want, and getting attached to what is HAS to look like. Because creating what we want isn't really about the end result - it's about the act of creation itself, which (hopefully) is the authentic reflection of who we are.

On the personal side ... I just had this epiphany last week that I need to step further into the role of spiritual teacher (surprising, because I already do quite a bit of that ... but of course, there's always more). So I launched a new program - something that makes me a bit nervous, since it's outside of my comfort zone. But oh, it was so much fun!! And of course, 24 hours later I've filled all but one slot, made a bunch of money to boot ... but the result is just a reflection of my state of Being in the act of creation itself.

Wouldn't you know it - I'm a featured expert on one of Suzanne's freebie calls tomorrow! I just love her work! Talk about synchronicity! :-)

Deb Call

Andrea - what a powerful story of receiving inspiration, acting upon it through the process of creation, then being delightfully surprised at what ensues. What I sense is that you were aligned first by being in touch with inner guidance, and moving forward in spite of some discomfort to show up authentically on a "bigger" stage. Under those circumstances, the doors of synchronicity can't help but open!

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