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March 17, 2009


Dick Richards

Ah...I'm so pleased that my words made a difference for you. I feel a new post coming on...about how we get trapped in certain feelings and need to create some distance from them, and how looking at ourselves from a distance can provoke laughter, and about developing the ability to see from a distance how downright silly we can be.

"I'm not sure quite how I make the leap from tired and resistant to energetic and positive." I think you just decided.

Deb Estep

Hey Deb,

No matter what the topic, I ~always~ know that your words are the real deal of yourself.
What I mean is that you share your personal journey in the most authentic way.

The tags you chose really do sum it all up:

Energy Alignment -- Finding Balance -- Personal Development

We certainly can pressurize ourselves with expectations. One of my favorite quotes is....
'There are blessings in problems'. That touch of food poisoning was a problem and
you nailed it when you said it grounded you.

Grounding always centers us to balance.

Deb Estep

Deb Call

Dick - looking forward to your upcoming post - reinforcement is important!

Deb - Thanks for your acknoledgment and support, and for reflecting back to me how I derived blessings from "problems." Hugs all around.

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