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November 06, 2009


Dick Richards

Simply beautiful..."it is not the stars that are aligned. It is me that is aligned." And, "Visualizing has it's place. But I'm learning that we gotta feel it on the inside before we see it on the outside."

Hello everyone, Debbie Call is on a roll and expressing it wonderfully!

Barbara Sliter

Deb, Brought a smile to my lips to think about "feeling vibes" again.
Seriously, is the best description I've read of what it means to align feelings with our mental vision of what we want. Thanks!

Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul

Love it, Deb! It is the magical alignment of our intention, our internal vibrational state, externalized as aligned action ... and "ta-dah!" Amazing things happen.

Glad you didn't buy a lottery ticket. I find it's the most inefficient way to try and manifest money. :-)


Ken Weiss

Hi Debbie, your post about feeling the vibe was amazing. Joe Vitale or Bob Proctor could not have said it better.

Deb Call

Ken, thanks for your comment. It allowed me to go back and read this post to remind myself that alignment is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

Much belated, but heart felt thanks to my blogging buddies above who stopped by to participate in the conversation!

Moritz Lightman

Warmest Greetings, Although I thoroughly enjoyed your post immensely, there are issues I must disagree with. Your mental images give way to feelings, not the other way around. But anyhow, you have an interesting viewpoint and I thank you for letting me share this with you.

Deb Call

Thanks to all for your comments.

I agree with you, Moritz, that our thoughts create feelings. Apparently that didn't come through clearly in the post. Alignment implies that thoughts, feelings and actions are in synch with one another. When everything "falls into place" we are probably experiencing alignment.

yoga meditation mover

To: Dick Richards | November 25, 2009 at 12:29 PM

Sorry Dick,

You've got the cart before the horse. The trick is; once you've visualized your desirable outcome several times, You'll then have naturally enhanced emotions - not the other way around. NOTHING comes anywhere close to vivid visualization.

Eric Jon Duran

I have to agree with you on the lottery ticket. I have been able to manifest some pretty amazing things but never much with those darn scratchers!

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