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December 24, 2009


Maritta Kosonen

What a beautiful photo and equally beautiful words. I lost my promising 19 year old daughter one and a half years ago. She sat in a restaurant and a truck drove in and killed her. The grief has been life altering and the pain has hurt to the very core of my being. This quote means so much to me because of what happened. She was my first born and strong, capable, beautiful, talented, incredibly smart, gifted, and a wonderful person. I never thought she could die. Not at such a young age. Not in such a horrific way. Life is far more fragile then we realize. We cannot control most of it. If we only lived our lives, not in fear, but in love towards one another, the world would be a different place. I hope you can hear me my darling Maija-Liisa. Love from your Mom xoxoxo

Deb Call

Dear Maritta - as the mother of two daughters in their 20's, my heart goes out to you in your terrible loss. I wish for you the strength to survive and move through this in some way that makes sense for you. Already, by your words of living in "love towards one another," you are a very special person. May blessings of love surround you always.

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