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August 12, 2010


Debra Estep

Hey Deb,

Well... this is belated but no less sincere... HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :)

In reading your first line, I was thinking of something to write to you.
There was a specific thing I wanted to share with you. It was about calling back
your energy at night and being at peace with yourself as you go to sleep.
I got to thinking, if you are feeling or hearing your 'inner critic', you must take
it with you into the night and the next day too. Ewwwwwwwww not good.

So I search my own blog on these words - calling back your energy.

I DID not come to something specific of my own, but low and behold, I came to
an awesome post you wrote near the start of this year.

Do the words .... 'EASE and SAVOR' ring a bell ? OMG - Deb, I think you need
to post these 2 words all over your house. On the frig, near your computer,
a post it note on the bathroom mirror.

I do love how you ended this post. Say YES !!!!

Wayne Dyer has a thing were he says the YES word about 3 times.
YES - YES - YES !!!! Such an uplifting word.

Ohhhhhh by the way, so you don't have to hunt on your own site.

Here is a link to your January post. wink wink


Deb Call

Deb - what a blessing you are! You are so right - I ought to post the words "savor" and ease everywhere! Thanks for helping me to circle back to ME -and re-reading the old post was fun and helpful. Love to you.

Debra Estep

Thanks Deb !! The inner critic can be a nasty bugger that needs to be put
in it's place. Make CERTAIN you are balancing the criticism with ~ INNER PRAISE.
That's a novel idea, huh ? To speak to ourselves of our good qualities. LOL

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