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January 31, 2006



Hi Deb - blogging conversations are so cool. I'm finding it such a tool for personal development - as my thoughts and feelings and beliefs are provoked to the surface. I highly recommend it to any one on that kind of a path. And now I'm going to identify my own mindfricks. What a word! Thank you for sharing it.

John Hill

Interesting post, I liked how you put in perspective the often conflicting voices we hear inside our mind. Sometimes it can be confusing just which voice to listen to that will guide us to the place we think we want to be.

Deb Call

Hi John, You're right, it can be confusing as to which voice to listen to. I notice that when I follow a meditation practice, even if only for awhile, I find it much easier to distinguish the voices, and make way for the voice that really counts - my higher self.

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