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January 21, 2006


Troy Worman

Well done! I particularly like No. 11...

Dick Richards

Indeed. Well done. And courageously as well. I'm going to spend some time digesting all of this. Printed all three and am carrying them around, reading at odd times. Thanks Deb.

Deb Call

Thanks, Dick. Writing this out helped me too - both in providing perspective (I have a track record of trusting higher guidance), and reinforcement to continue doing so. I write what I need to learn or remember for myself!


I'm glad Dick mentioned this on his blog.

You are so right about True Guidance. It comes through loud, clear, complete, and concise. There is no mistaking it. Even better when I follow it my life unfolds in unexpected, synchronous, easy ways. It's amazing to me how easy it is.

The hard part is trusting in this guidance. But when you build that relationship it keeps coming naturally. It just feeds on itself.

I love it! It's a wonderful way to live.

Deb Call

Nneka - how true your remarks - in a seeming paradox, trusting our higher guidance doesn't feel natural in the beginning, and only becomes natural when we decide to go for it!


Thank you so much... yet I have one question. Can true guidance from the Higher Self lead you consciously into disaster? I have been involved with abusive men because of my following a powerful set of coincidences and intuitions - they did not look at all like that, at first. It has happened to me as well with working projects. I came to a point in which I truly do not rely on my intuitions and it feels really bad and helpless. Or else I don't have enough strength to stand for myself I just don't know. Thx for the answers. Love and Light

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