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October 26, 2006


Kammie K.


Thanks for the link-love.

Glad you liked the quote. It's one of my favorites! All we have to do is ASK, and WAIT...too cool, huh?

Be well,
Kammie K.

Tony D. Clark

Thanks, Debbie. That's a nice group of folks to be included in with. Some great stuff there...

Deb Call

Tony, as you know, like attracts like. I appreciate your voice!

Deb Call

Kammie, looking forward to more of your posts guiding us to purpose with passion.

Rick Cockrum

Thank you, Deb. I'm spending the day blushing. :-D I'm with Tony. This is a great group to be among.

Liz Strauss

I found your link through IceRocket, by some weird feeling i went there today after months of being a stranger. What nice write up. Thanks for the link love for everyone.

Deb Call

Rick, it's no accident that you are in this group. So glad I finally got to "meet" you!

Deb Call

Liz, I'm a big fan of yours. Delighted you had a chance to stop by!

Dick Richards

Debbie - Thanks for the link.

I quit writing about politics about a year ago, having come to believe that few problems are truly political, but reside instead in consciousness and belief systems. Like you, however, I am mightily put off by the political ads I am seeing here in Arizona.

I am considering a pledge to myself to vote only for would-be-leaders who are clearly healers and not those who show any hint of wishing to gain power by inciting division. Right now I have no options.

Deb Call

You make an excellent point, Dick, about problems posing as political are really veiled in conscious/unconscious belief systems. I'd add that too many of those beliefs are based in FEAR. Thanks again for bringing truth out into the light.

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