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October 22, 2006


Dick Richards

I'm glad you are keepin'on keepin' on with blogging along with all of that change, whether welcome or not. You are one of the very best at "listening to the inner voice" and reporting what you hear.

My most recent lesson about change had to do with letting go of the expectation that change would occur for others as a result of something I might do or say. There is enormous freedom in doing and saying my own truth without expecting that anything "out there" will change as a result. If it does, fine. If it doesn't, fine. That's not up to me. And I do proceed with the faith that my contribution to the great source of wisdom (call it collective unconscious, maybe) does make a difference even if I can't see it.

Deb Call

I appreciate your insight, Dick. You remind me that our real intent is to speak/be what is true for us. PERIOD. That's not to say that we don't plant seeds, or even influence others towards change. Taking that responsibility off of one's shoulder (to cause others to change) is definitely freeing, as you say, while the act of putting our own truth out there does create reverberations.


Deb... Thanks for the mention and the kind words. Being mentioned in the same breath as Liz Strauss is quite an honor. I love your blog. It's awesome! And I love Dick's comments... This in particular struck me... "There is enormous freedom in doing and saying my own truth without expecting that anything 'out there' will change as a result." Wow! How true. It's pretty cool... this liberation... it's like one giving oneself permission to relese their own genius... or empower their own inner voice... Enormous freedom, indeed! Thanks again! You're awesome!

Deb Call

Troy, thank YOU for the passionate and vibrant energy you put out there for the rest of us. You blow me away!

Liz Strauss

Thank you for this wonderful reading. I hear your heart beat as I move from one word to another. It's a connection beyond the web of minds meeting.

I just today found this link. Imagine. I so remember writing about change. It was wonderful reading where you took the idea. You spirit inspires me to keep writing because someone's listening. Thank you.

Deb Call

Liz, thank YOU. What I find so rewarding about blogging are the sparks of discovery that get ignited in me through the blog reflections of another. Blogging brings about so many connections, and interconnections, it can be mind-blogging!

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