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November 30, 2006



What an intriguing way of looking at things! It is really true though. When I have to "rah, rah" myself into something, it really means that my heart's not in it. When my heart is into it, it just drags my mind along for the ride. Everything starts falling into place and I just can't get enough.

One thing I would add to that is intent. I used to loathe exercise. I mean anything active. I've always been overweight and I would start exercise, love it, then begin to drag myself to do it. I let myself off the hook recently, in a wierd sort of way. I started walking everyday. It doesn't matter how fast or how well all that matters is that I do it. Now, I loooooove walking. I want to walk everywhere. I can't believe myself really. Sometimes I want to ask who's living in my body.

For me, I had to get rid of the "have to".

Deb Call

Nneka - I appreciate your personal examples, and for stressing the notion of intention. Regardless of my level of "motivation," I do get up in the morning and go to my Jazzercice class, and keep up with other healthy habits whether or not I feel like it.

Your letting yourself off the "hook" re exercise certainly worked out in unexpectedly positive ways for you. Who knows - it may be that some inner prompting guided you all along!

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