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January 07, 2007


Phil Gerbyshak

Deb - so great that you're sharing the importance of a personal touch to your children. The first thing I'll be doing when I have children is buying them a moleskine, NOT a laptop.

What a great reminder of how things have gone horribly wrong. The Internet was supposed to bring us together, not keep us apart, and yet it becomes less personal (see SPAM and mass e-mails) and more separate. Thank God for the blogosphere, where we can share our love and encouragement with each other. I gave 10 good hugs this morning at my firm's associate appreciation day (in front of the whole company) and got 10 big hugs, and bigger smiles, back. Here's a virtual one from me to you until we meet in person!

Deb Call

Your comments about the blogosphere (" . . .where we can share our love and encouragement with each other"), reinforces our need as humans for connection. You have so many raving fans, Phil, and I am one of them, because of your stand out efforts in showing you care.

Some day we will meet in real time, Phil, and until then, back at you with the hugs.

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