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February 01, 2007


Tony D. Clark

Artistic and resonant style - I like that. It makes me sound much more poetic than I am :) Thanks for the kinds words, Debbie. This is a wonderful post.

Rick Cockrum

Beautifully written, Debbie. Thank you, and enjoy your time.

Phil Gerbyshak

Deb - we are all different, and I'm glad for that. Thank God for you, the one and only Deb Call. And for all of us. We are all one in a million, or rather one in 55 million. Bloggers that is. So while we are all different, we are all the same. And we're in it together. :)

Alexys Fairfield

Hi Debbie,
I think bloggers in general feel like outsiders to an extent. It's that feeling that propels us to blog -- for that communion of spirit and the community of like-minded Souls who share the same feelings. Our energies and interests change and sometimes that causes a shift of consciousness; that's why it's important not to get caught up in outside forces that can change our perception of who we think we should be.

Great post. By the way, thanks for the mention.

Deb Call

Alexys - you have such a delightful way of understanding the heart of bloggers. And we all need the reminder to "hold our own" when it comes to who we think we should be.

Phil - "We're in it together" - that's the best part!

Rick, thanks for the "high five!"

Tony - hey, when you've got it, flaunt it, poetic or otherwise!

Terry Starbucker

Thanks Debbie! I love the concept of a blog as a "clearinghouse of thoughts". If we all can do that, and inspire or cheer or touch to boot, that's one heck of a good thing - regardless of any Technorati ranking or hit count. And you are certainly putting your trust in the right person! All the best, and great post.

Deb Call

Terri - you hit on an essential point around blogging - this notion that what we put "out there" can "inspire, cheer and touch to boot." What is so cool is that when we do that, it reverberates back to us! All this positive energy bouncing back to us is indeed "one heck of a good thing!"

Thanks for taking a stand towards optimism. Our cynical world needs it.

Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D.

Hi Deb,
Great post! Your wise and poignant posts are inspiring and heart-felt. When I visit, I feel more connected to my own inner "writer," the part of me that wants to express herself more fully. As Phil said... we are all different. We all have something to teach and lots to learn from each other. :)

Deb Call

In our own ways, Kirsten, we bloggers give each other courage to go deeper in self-discovery and self-expression. I appreciate knowing you found inspiration to do so!

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