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March 07, 2007


Rick Cockrum

Hi Debbie,

I haven't seen The Secret, and probably never will, so I can't say anything about the film itself. It has, however, got people thinking and talking. In my book, that's always a good thing.

Deb Call

Well put, Rick. Books, films and other venues that stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas serve us all and can teach us to appreciate differing viewpoints (if we allow it!).

Halina Goldstein

Hi Debbie

Thanks for the valuable post and links. I added it to the list at

Many warm greetings -


Deb Call

Thanks for the link, Halina. And warm greetings back to you in Denmark!

Maria Palma

Yes, the gas thing has got my stomach in a knot as well! My boyfriend and I had a conversation about it and I brought up the fact that we were placing to much energy and thought about the gas going up when we should be focusing on making more money instead....

But anyways, on the topic of The Secret - you made some very good points here and it's so true - what you give is way, way better than what you get! "The Secret" should just be a guideline and not the end all and be all for the way you live.

Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D.

Hi Deb,
The Secret sure has become a loaded topic! I have started to write some thoughts about the movie myself. I have some mixed feelings like you. On one hand I love it! I think it is awesome that it is touching so many people and helping them to be more aware of their thoughts. That can only make a positive difference in the world. The fact that it is moving like wildfire through the masses is amazing.

On the other hand, the DVD doesn't take into account all the other laws of the Universe and the great mystery. I think there has always been a problem in the personal growth/new age movement with people feeling guilty and blaming themselves for illnesses. I think there is a danger of this with the Secret as well. I hope that people will come to realize that there can be many other reasons for illness, injury, and tragedy (including karma, soul lessons, etc). Sometimes, there is no apparent reason... and perhaps we are not meant to know.

I think that it is more important to focus on living happily and peacefully regardless of our health status, rather than trying to cure an illness. Sometimes a side of effect of focusing on happiness is better health, but even when physical healing doesn't occur the person can enjoy life more.

I got a little long-winded, but this topic is on my mind a lot these days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Deb Call

Maria - I'd also like to think it's also good to "get." The key lies in how we "get" and how that plays out with the giving part. They're often intertwined in inexplicable ways. And for both of us, may gasoline prices be a non-issue!

Kirsten - I like the way The Secret has stimulated many of us to think for ourselves, to come to our own conclusions. Your comments (valued, not "longwinded")highlight the idea of stepping back to avoid getting only a "microscopic" view. Thanks for throwing your opinions in the ring!

Andy Hun

Hi Debbie,

I agree with you the movie is not a magic bullet to all our woes. But it's good to have more people viewing it and hopefully spread the spirit of positiveness in the midst of all the violence and decadent age we are in now.

Here's a free report on an interview with Bob Proctor

Deb Call

I agree with you, Andy, that the more people who view "The Secret," the better chance we have at making the world a more positive place to live. Thanks for the free report as well.


Hi Debbie,

I have seen the much talked about SECRET movie 3 weeks ago. I think it is awsome and I really am encouraged to see that it manifest in your real estate deal. I am sure the energy charging, mindeset refreshing "THINK and GET WHAT YOU WANT" principle works in many ways. I put on paper $100,000 per month income, and I meditate on it every night. While it has yet to be fulfilled, I feel more positive and I see better inflow of money already after 3 weeks. I learn to apprecaite more, and I express my gratitude on things I have. It is a great feeling. Feeling love, feeling success, and feeling that SUCCESS is ATTRACTED by Me. Many people are now practicing. Join us at :
Get the report, take steps. Good Luck.

Deb Call

Chester, thanks for stopping by and sharing your enthusiasm for the Secret and LOA.

The mind is a very powerful tool. As humans we are still learning how to use it in ways that propel us forward in positive directions. I'm now reading a book that was published back in the 60's - called "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" and it follows a similar theme. All good stuff!

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