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March 29, 2007


Jodee Bock

Right on, Debbie! I just wrote about this today, too! Great minds think alike, I guess! It's all about the ACTION, because without it we're all just big talkers or big thinkers. Have you heard about the Summit for Bigger Small Talk in Fargo in June? Dick Richards will be there ... it would be great to meet you in person, too! You can read about it on my blog!

Deb Call

Hey Jodee - kindred spirit that you are - thanks for your comment. Your latest post today also illustrated the interplay between intention - action - result when you discussed the Bob Proctor interview.

I would love to meet you someday too!


Thanks, Debbie. I love hearing stories like this!

What stands out for me is that you aligned with your intentions, and all your actions that day were inspired action. And in my experience, when I'm aligned with my intention and then I take inspired action, the manifestations come fast!

Deb Call

Inspired action is what we strive for, isn't it Belle? But it reminds me too not to get upset when I'm not there . . . just notice and adjust as I am able.

Barbara Sliter

I just read this post again and am glad for the reminder that clarity of intention does not mean 3yr, 1yr, 60 day goals. I am involved in a project where they are encouraging detailed goals. If feels off to me and actually gets me focused on the "hows" and "will I succeed or not" kind of thoughts.

Clarifying my intention and then taking action is my job. The "hows" and detailed timeline are up to the Universe.

Deb Call

Barbara, I suspect there is a place for both - that is, delineated goals with well-defined tasks, as well as allowing actions to emerge from intentions. It's nice to have a choice, and to realize we don't have to work so frickin' hard!

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