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November 03, 2007


Liz Strauss

The one and only, the original Debbie Anne Call is a most remarkable woman. Don'tcha think? Look at her there. She stands tall and beautiful before us with a tale of a Saturday morning. She tells stories in a symphonic way, pulling us in to the harmonies that intertwine to make up a life. . . . and it's effortless, or at least it appears to be.

I sit here smiling in respect. Thank you, ma'am. I write what I know, what I am. You call it brave. I call it reality.

Isn't it wonderful that we have so many words and each other to share them with?!! :)

Deb Call

Well, dear Liz, I believe I'm standing just a little taller after the metaphor you drew to describe my writing.

It is indeed most wondrous to have infinite words and each other to share them with. Your words cast a long light, Liz!

Deb Estep

What I find wonderful about you Deb is your
ability to share openly the parts of yourself
that you feel fall short.

It take great courage to open up and let your
insides be known.

You are a beautiful original and my life is better
for having connected TO YOU !!!

{{{ Deb to Deb hug }}} lol

Deb Call

Deb - thank you for reflecting my gifts back to me, since I often don't acknowledge them to myself. And thank you for the {{{ Deb to Deb hug }}} - back at ya!

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