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February 11, 2008


Deb Estep

HI Deb,

Slade and Andrea are both amazing.

I believe it was in January of this year that
Slade and Andrea did a teleclass -"Let's Talk About Spirit Guides"

I can't speak highly enough about this audio, very enlightening,
and entertaining.

Join Andrea and Slade Roberson as they discuss Spirit Guides, including common misconceptions and frequently asked questions! Learn more about how you can connect to your Spirit Guides.

Fill out the form at Anderea's site to receive a recording of the event.

xo xo

Slade | Shift Your Spirits

Wow, there's just an abundance of Beautiful Deb's here.

I'm honored to read this post and the comments -- I also especially like your breakdown on the points I made in my post (it's kind of cool to see that reflected back to me with a unique, insightful spin).

You've certainly made my day -- thank you!

Andrea|Empowered Soul

Thank you so much to both Deb's! :-) I am so delighted you found my post as well as Slade's of value. I, too, really like your summary of the article I wrote - it is wonderful to see it communicated here in a different way, through a slightly different perspective.

Thank you again!


Deb Call

Deb - thanks for the additional resource.

Slade and Andrea - so glad you stopped by my "neighborhood" to visit. I look forward to reading more of your writings. When I was a life coach, I went through an additional training to "coach from spirit" about 8-9 years ago. It was pretty out there for it's time ! And it worked!

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