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February 16, 2008


Deb Estep

Awwwww Deb, thank you for stepping out beyond what might be a comfort zone to share yourself wide open. How beautiful.

Kind of reminds me of my Deb~utante post, which can be seen from the link on my name here.

Raising a glass of CHEER to you !!!


Deb E

Andrea|Empowered Soul

Great post, Deb! I resonate with all those "blasphemies" - and I think my own creative side could think of a few more that my sense of "reason" commits on a regular basis. You are so right, though. Once we're "on" to ourselves, we can stop doing battle. We can laugh at the tricks we play on ourselves. And we can get on with the things that really matter!


Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

Well, with this article, you make me glad that I have subscribed to your blog so that I don't miss any future articles. I think all of us "writers" face these same ideas in our heads. Thanks for getting them down on paper so we can all see them for what they are---fear. Most fears have no ground to stand on when we look at them as clearly as you looked at these. Have a glorious Sunday.

Slade | Shift Your Spirits


I too am glad I discovered your blog in time to read this great post. I love Julia Cameron's work -- I highly recommend them. As an artist, creative entrepreneur, the book that really kicked me in the pants was Barbara Sher Refuse to Choose : A Program for Doing Everything You Love.

You must be brilliant -- Well, this one just never seems to go away, does it? I could make a healthy wager that all the books written by authors who had to be brilliant are mostly non-existent, with the Good Enough (from the author's own perspective) being the ones the world actually sees.

Work Comes Before Play - When I was in college working on my undergraduate writing degree, my entire house had to be clean before I could write. Now (fortunately?) my writing is even more the work. Maybe my problem here is inverted now - there are so many things I'd like to write for pleasure that I don't get to... Oh, poor me -- I can't complain about this one.

Be Careful What You Write About - this actually continues to fascinate and surprise me. The more vulnerable I am or the weaker I think a particular article or post may be, sometimes the audience response is the opposite. There's a balance that needs to happen, with your personal experience filtered through what it does for the person reading it.

Most of all, I'm excited to see you personify, invoke, and confront your writing devils - this is a powerful technique for all kinds of things.

Excellent post - thank you for putting it out there!

Deb Call

Deb, Andrea, Patricia, and Slade - what marvelous company I find myself in. Your gathering around to leave your thoughts feels similar to Julia Cameron. She writes about surrounding herself with a small group of individuals she calls upon when she feels afraid, stuck, or can't seem to write. After all the books she's written, and success she has enjoyed, she still needs support. I find that reassuring, because she normalizes building in support for that tender inner creative being that resides in all of us.

Phil Gerbyshak

What a POWERFUL post Deb! Thanks for sharing it! You've outed many of my demons here too, and now that we can name them, we can claim AND overcome them! Bravo!

Deb Call

Dear Phil - you are one man I know who writes and writes . . . your demons don't stand a chance with you, and we are all glad for that!

Jamie Walters

Thanks for the great post, Deb. I followed the link back from your more recent entry, and, like others here, recognized those 'demons'. They appear in other areas where our Wild Soul finally breaks out into expression, no longer willing to be kept captive and silent.

Through your sharing, you help others to see and free themselves.



Jamie - thanks for stopping by. I like your "Wild Soul" term. Definitely implies a need for less rules and restrictions!

Blessing back at 'ya

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