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February 25, 2008


Slade | Shift Your Spirits


One of the best books I've ever received as a gift was Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. I started incorporating the concept of Morning Pages into my journaling about 12 years ago -- I can definitely look back and see that as a milestone.

Julia's books are chock full of epiphanies and wisdom for writers.

Thanks for writing this post -- it's one of the best ideas you could possibly share with other writers.

Deb Call

We are of like minds on this, Slade. Interestingly, I also got my copy of Artist's Way 12 years ago. Julia Cameron is a gifted writer and truly speaks to me at a deep level, and yet at a very practical one too. Her work is a rare find.

Andrea Hess | Empowered Soul

I'm a big fan of the Artist's Way, too!

One note on why the morning pages work so well: During our astral time, we connect to our Primordial Self, our most ancient Soul Self. Early in the morning, right upon waking, we are still somewhat connected to our Primordial Self and can thus receive messages and guidance from it. Absolutely the best time for this sort of spiritual practice is about an hour before our normal waking time!


Deb Call

Andrea - I'd love it if you wrote a post on our "promordial self." I've heard of the term but am not really familiar with it. I'll link to such a post so others can follow along too.

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