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March 10, 2008


Tom Volkar Delightful Work

Deb I'm delighted that you found the exercise so astonishing. As I share in the post, I designed the exercise to give my system a needed shock. I could tell that something primal and demanding was working its way up from my core and I wanted to give it a boost. Like many of my readers I was amazed how the urgency of the exercise cut right to the heart of what I needed to see.

That exercise inspired the creation of a free courage audio on my site where I repeat the exercise for those who prefer listening.

Small world, if Andrea and Slade read your blog it comes highly recommended. I'll enjoy coming back and poking around.

Deb Call

Tom, thanks for letting my readers know about the free audio version that you offer of this exercise.

What I value so much about your post, beyond the exercise, is the authenticity of the comments being left at the end of your article. You provided an opportunity for people to feel safe in coming together to share from a deeper part of themselves.

Frank Butterfield

Deb --

Thanks so much for sharing this! I wrote about it on my blog, but the process really did astonish me, just as you said it would. I highly recommend anyone reading this to drop everything and take 10 minutes to do this great exercise!!

Thanks again!

Deb Call

Frank - thanks for touching base here after you took the exercise. I enjoyed reading your insights from the process. Hopefully others will feel intrigued enough to visit Tom Volkar's post and take the plunge!

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