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June 09, 2008


Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

Debbie, thanks for the 20 minutes. It made me smile with fond memories of my own children's milestones as well as enjoying yours.

Deb Call

Patricia, sometimes it proves worthwhile to talk about the other roles in our lives - and to hear from people like you that you can relate as well.

Deb (who still lives in Ohio and puts up with those nasty winters!) - I am touched myself to hear how you are using your time away from your regular blogging to make such an impact for so many people. Many blessings on your efforts!

Barbara Sliter

Hi Deb,
I can relate. Life intervenes and it should. If we aren't present for the happenings in our life what is our life about? Ultimately it's the moment to moment enjoyment that fuels my energy. When I'm moved to do other than what I think I should be doing...well, I'm learning to trust my inner self knows more than my head.

Love to you, Barbara

Deb Call

Barbara - I love how you put things - "If we aren't present for the happenings in our life what is our life about?" Thank you for the reminder (my interpretation) to use my "to do" list to serve me, not for me to serve a to do list. Over and over again I must repeat, "Be present, be present, be present!"

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