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July 14, 2008


Debra Estep

Hey Deb

I read this post earlier today and did not
respond at the time.

Well... Mickey dropped by my house today
in the form of some junk mail.

I thought it best to follow his advice..
"Respond Now"

I loved seeing your Mickey.!!! It never fails to amaze me how the smallest of items can be the greatest reminders. !!!

xo xo

Debra Estep

opps... The card from my mail reads....

Respond Today

Deb Call

I went to the site you mentioned, Deb. I wonder what Walt would think about Mickey's face on a credit card?!

Debra Estep


Yesterday...... after I wrote this comment
to you... I went to the post office.
I was in line and my head was nearly
jerked around to the back. In the area where
there are supplies for sale, there were shipping boxes with Mickey Mouse on them. RED boxes with
Mickey. I was just in WOW mode.
I'm loving the Deb-Spirit in Gear reminders
I've been sent.

I don't know if Walt envisioned the world wide
empire that his Disney has evolved into, but then
again... maybe he did. :)

As for the credit card, most likely it was
the extension of credit his way that started off
his business to begin with.

Deb Call

Your example is a great illustration, Deb, of what can happen from focus on one thing . . . in your case, Mickey was on the brain! Who knows what it all means? But it sure is fun, isn't it?

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