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January 12, 2009


Shamelle -TheEnhanceLife

I haven't read the book, but this sounds a solid concept."Write to please yourself first" However... when dealing with customers.. that's a different story altogether!


Shamelle - yes, customers are a different story. What I did't mention in the post included a comment by Vonnegut that author Jaqueline Suzanne (Valley of the Dolls) was very successful, in his mind, because she was "sincere" in her writing. That tells me that no matter what we write about, or who we write to, it matters that "where" we write from within does matter in the end.

Dick Richards

Thanks for this Deb. You know that I let go of blogging for just over a year before starting up again a few months ago. I wasn't quite sure how to articulate what changed during that year, but this post helped. What happened was that I gave up all agendas and expectations except to enjoy creating posts because it is fun and because doing it helps me make sense of my experience. So that's why I am blogging again: to enjoy creating posts.

Once more, as with your series about divine guidance, you have offered something that I very much value. Thanks again!


Dick - thanks for that gem of a reminder - when ego creates mandates in the form of expectations and "agendas," such as "How much have my viewer stats increased this week?, the joy and fun of creating can quickly get sucked out.

I suspect that most long term bloggers exerience this conundrum.

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