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February 16, 2009


Alice Leighton

Some people would care because they can see how possible it is. And yes, there could be too much hype about monetizing blogs, but we must admit that those who use it find it helpful… There could be other people who don’t have job today but earn through blogging. It’s fun and helpful in many ways.

Debbie Call

It definitely work for some bloggers, but it can't be taken lightly. Easy to crash and burn if you don't provide value. Thanks for stopping by, Alice!

Sage Aumick

It’s true that blogging also involves sharing your opinion, but it’s very important that whenever you’ll get to state facts, be sure that they’re facts! It’s easy to tell that it’s the truth, but some readers can’t just believe a person in an instant! Blogging requires honesty, and honesty can gain you a lot of followers, along with credibility as well ;)

Debbie Call

Well said, Sage! Blogging does indeed require honesty and transparency.

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