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April 26, 2009


Phil Gerbyshak

Wow Deb, what a powerful story about a car, of all things. Cool stuff!

I have a 2008 Accord, and I love it. I don't name my cars anymore, though I do talk to her. When I come up with a name, I'll let you know!

Deb Call

I started naming cars in recent times. It's interesting to hear you talk to your car though. Hopefully it's all good stuff - they like appreciation!

Brittanie Holderness

I felt the exact same way when I parted with my first car who I named “Patty”. We had seven good years together. It was hard for me to adjust with my new car at first, which I bought a month after I let go of Patty. But, after a few weeks, I finally got the hang of it. My new car, Lion, is a red 2012 Honda Fit. Anyway, I like how you named your car ‘Grace’. It really suits you and your car’s personality. =)

Debbie Call

Thanks for sharing your experience, Brittanie. May you and your Lion enjoy many safe years together!

Clint Moore

You made the right decision in buying this car. This type of car covers practicality and reliability as well. This car has a new smartphone integration system that allows you to connect your smartphones to its infotainment system via Bluetooth. That’s exactly awesome! Music in a blast! This is really for adventurous women, like you are!

Debbie Call

Clint, thanks for stopping by. We can tell your enthusiasm must have something to do with being a dealer! Hope you sell a lot of cars!

Nettie Christensen

When I bought my first car, my grandfather was the one to help me out. He told me to go for what I really wanted, so I went for a Metallic Blue Mini Cooper. I love this car so much that I am planning to drive it for as long as it can. Good choice for you too!

Debbie Call

I bet you have a lot of fun driving that Metallic Blue Mini Cooper, Nettie!

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