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May 30, 2009


Dick Richards

Well...I suppose my ignorance about the tribulations of hair-color-change is now obvious across the blogosphere. You are right...I had no idea. But I do like the quote. I have often thought that people get more like who they are as they get tired of keeping up a pretense. Good to hear that stated so well.

Deb Call

Dick - feel good about your ignorance of hair color - it falls into that category of information labelled "no need to know!"

Here's to more of us being more like ourselves each day we are gifted with!


Deb -- thank you for sharing this lovely opening to your freedom. Our appearance is personal. There's no other way to describe it. So insofar as we allow and facilitate changes there, there can be release in many other places, too. We are our faces, our bodies, our hair, and we are also our values, our instincts, our art. I once met a trainer in the midwest who conducted workshops for women that involved making whole-body casts, then spending a week with her participants gradually painting the casts to represent their inner Goddesses. The point is, I believe, that we all need tangible evidence of our transformations. Without that in some form, even metaphorical, it's hard sometimes to explore and share the emotions that go with our shifts in time and all our changes -- from the losses and grief, goodbye and release, to the excitement and sense of profound renewal, gained wisdom and affirmation.

Deb Call

Dan - thank you for amplifying my post with your thoughtful comments, particularly about looking for tangible evidence of inner transformation. Your articulation of this notion helps me to understand myself better, and what I am attempting to gain (for myself) by going gray. You are a natural coach!

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I still have a lot of life left in me, but my priorities no longer center on achievement and career, or being at the front of the stage.

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