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October 12, 2009


Barbara Sliter

Wow what a gift to have such letters... to get a glimpse of how they were before the roles and responsibilities of parenthood.

It has made me think because my husband and I, in pursuit of living in the present, have discarded much of what is "history," including letters, photos etc. Have we cheated the next generation? or released them to carry only what they know in their hearts? I'll never know.

Deb Call

Great question you pose, Barb, about discarding the "history" and wondering if you have cheated future generations. I think you have the basis for a blog post of your own to explore this! What do you think?

Barbara Sliter

I think I'll let the question rattle around in me for a while.

Love to you...


What a lovely post, Deb, and what a find, these letters, in their capacity to make your parents live in memory in a newly intimate way. Thank you for sharing the story and your discoveries, and for your desire to pass along a vision of what love can be so your daughters don't settle for anything less. Beautiful!

kelly wyman

You are amazng and a beautiful writer. Isn't it interesting, I never condsidered my parent as lovers and you know that they were!

I remember both your Mother and Father- Your Mother was so stunning and Dad was quite handsome- Didn't you live on Pole Lane Road.

I have such found memories of the 40th and look forward to future reunion.

George and I are in Jacksonville, Fl at the Shand's Proton Center for the next 2 months..when we leave his prostate cancer will be cured.

Love to all


Deb Call

Kelly - thanks for your compliments all around - we both had parents who were very good looking! We never lived on Pole Lane Rd, but Peterson. Eventually made it out to Yorkshire Estates just before our senior year.

On another note, sending you and George prayers and best wishes for complete healing.

Love back at ya,

Bev Shapter

I just read your note Deb. It reminded me of the letters we found that my father sent my mother during WWII. My parents are both gone now, but to read the letters that were written with such tenderness and humor was amazing. Her first fiance had been killed at Pearl Harbor, and my dad was just a friend who shopped at thestore where my Mom worked. They went to dancing classes, and my dad's story of learning the jitterbug was so funny.You don't think of your parents as being in love. I wonder what my kids will remember of me and my husband!
Bev Elliott Shapter

Deb Call

Bev, what a beautiful legacy your parents left behind . . .the window to their youth and young love. You raise an interesting point about what your kids will remember about you and your husband . . . what do we want our kids to remember? Or discover after we die?

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