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February 28, 2010


Dick Richards

Love the 7 whispers Deb, and looking forward to more from you about this. You are so good at linking your experience to a wisdom framework!

Deb Call

Thanks, Dick. My life experiences provide many teachable moments , and when I take the time to understand them, it's easier to find the wisdom underneath and look for patterns. And if all else fails, I go into a bookstore!

Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul

Love this article, Deb!

Whatever we focus on expands ... no focus, no expansion, huh? :-)

I love that you took this gentle nudge from the Universe to course-correct, rather than waiting for the big slap!


Deb Call

As I look back on my life, Andrea, I did experience more slaps in my earlier years. I've worked it out with the Universe so that I promise to pay more attention when the small nudges happen. So far . . . so good!

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