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July 05, 2010



It would be nice to hear people say "Okay, you've made a mess, now how can we help you to clean it up?"

Deb Call

Lon, what a novel idea - to expect the best of people, give them the benefit of the doubt, and lend a helping hand. Organizations are made up of good people who make human mistakes, sometimes bad and costly mistakes. Do we choose to look forward with them, as you ask "how can we help you ..." or do we look back and beat them down?


This is a wonderful post, Debbie. There's no point in demonizing the whole company. I had an experience with a big tobacco company one time. It was very much the same deal. The people were fine, the corporation in its institutional imperatives was so-so-so problematic and lost. I think you are asking a very powerful question -- what's happening, what has happened, inside the real below the water-line BP organization and what's the next move? Will it be a public relations approach or will it be right action at the costs required?

Deb Call

Dan . . . I wonder how the questions raised in the post get answered down the road. I'm putting out an expectation of hope that this crisis will move the right people within BP to move BP in the right direction.

Bruce B.

Debbie, very interesting points on BP. Many of the items you discuss have not been mentioned in the main stream media. Thanks for bringing these to light. We can only hope that BP follows through and does the right thing in the gulf.

Deb Call

Bruce, it seems that the media do not give us the full or accurate picture of events. "Truth" has many sides!

Debra Estep

Deb, Very interesting reading indeed. Thanks for sticking with your idea and
following through to write it. :) Curious, what led you to the book
in the first place ?

I agree with Bruce's comment about this information NOT being mentioned
in main stream media.

From this link below, you can read about John Browne who became Group Chief Executive on 10 June 1995.
It seems from the article that he was responsible for the attempt to 'green' things up
at BP.

It's mind bending to think of a company as large as BP and then to equate how corporate
responsibility verses bottom line trickles down through each and every department.

John Browne:,_Baron_Browne_of_Madingley

Deb Call

Deb, I found the book, The Translucent Revolution, in a bookstore and was immediately attracted to it. You know that feeling when a book calls your name and you just have to buy it!

Thanks for the additional link to BP's "green" era. BP is a conglomerate - one of those big corporate entities. This entire Gulf Coast oil spill and clean up certainly puts a face on a company and highlights that even conglomerates are composed of human beings!

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