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August 29, 2010


Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

About last November, I started completely coloring my gray because I got tired of looking older than my age. I loved it when my hair started going really gray about 10 years ago. Strangers would walk up to me and ask who did my highlighted hair and I would laugh and tell them God did it. The white gray with my medium dark hair looked like I was adding highlights. It was really pretty.

About 2 years ago, I started getting a very drab look to my hair that was taking all of the color out of my face. Then people started acting like I was quite a lot older than I am. So we started doing what my hair dresser called reverse highlighting where we put some of the dark color back into my hair and still left some of it gray.

In November of 2009, I wanted something new and decided to become a redhead. I have always had the complexion of a redhead so I decided to go reddish brown. I love it and so does everyone else. I look and feel good about myself. I love the vibrancy of the color. It is nice that people think I look 10 years younger. I will be 59 on my birthday in December. I don't necessarily care about looking a lot younger. I just wanted to feel more alive than the drab gray was making me feel.

Deb Call

Patricia - I love hearing about your journey with hair color. You captured the essence of all of this - "feeling more alive." I know that when all my gray grows out and I don't like it, I can color it once again.

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