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August 29, 2010



Deb -- I love your words here on the process of listening and recording. The message you received is beautiful, but even more than that, there is the way you are listening, explaining -- perhaps as much to yourself as to those of us who are listening in -- that there are preferences and qualities that are important to follow in order to get centered again, to keep the channel clear. "If it's a prayer, it looks like this..." so to speak. Personally I find that wonderful and magical. This must be what the genesis of an authentic ritual is like. Later, we probably turn that stuff into superstition, keep trying to recreate something that's moved on, but in the beginning it comes from a pure place. "When I dig for water, I do it this way, and I find it, just so, two feet down. See! There's the water now!" Well, that's how it feels anyway from your writing, and it is a natural invitation for others to tell stories of their own rituals. I'm trying to think what mine are, but they aren't yet so clear, nor at this moment are the messages...they are still too far underground and locked in their stones.

Deb Call

Dan, sharing what it "looks like" is indeed a way not only to explain it to myself, but to reinforce my own learning.

Sometimes when the need is great, as in the situation I described above, the process has a way of finding me!

Thanks for sharing your eloquence with us.

Spiritual Coach

Indeed, the last underlined paragraph was really profound!

Coaching spiritual

Deb,thanks for helping me out for finding myself in my own way.your words help me lot to find myself,you words "Be still. Practice listening for your heart voice" are the great motivator for me.once again thanks a lot for sharing this.Looking forward to hear more from you..

Deb Call

Thanks for stopping by . . . may you find the support you desire by listening to that wise voice within you.

David Cunliffe

A lovely glimpse into the workings and folds of your soul Debbie. May you always know that you are loved and cherished. Keep writing my friend, and always see your uniqueness, your beautiful gift and blessing to this amazing world.

Bright and spiritual blessings.



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Deb Call

David, thank you for the kind and loving encouragement. Your words touch and uplift me.

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